Enforcement X2 – EPA & OSHA to Team up

There has been buzz this week in the construction industry over a recent Memorandum of Understanding between OSHA and the EPA that spells out exactly how the two government agencies are planning to work together in the Northeast in regards to RRP regulations and their enforcement. Basically, the two agencies will not only communicate with each other, they also may conduct join inspections as appropriate to carry out the purposes of their respective statutory authorities.

Both RRP Specialist Shawn McCadden and the Contractor Coach Mark Paskell have written recent articles about this MOU and what it means for contractors. They are worth the read…


Double Trouble for RRP Renovators: OSHA and EPA to Work Together

Region 1 EPA and OSHA to work together on RRP/OSHA Enforcement

Understand that enforcement IS ramping up, and you can expect to be visited at any given time. Compliance is important, and having the proper documentation will be a tremendous aid to you when the government comes knocking. If you’re not sure how to handle them, check out our previous blog post:

Have You Received a Request for RRP Information from the EPA?

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