Contractors and Subcontractors Insurance Program

You encounter complex risks each and every day and don’t think twice about it. You go into each job with the confidence needed to perform quality work at a fair price. You take pride in your work and in the end results. We can relate to that.

Our team of construction industry services professionals is not only well versed in insurance, but also in the construction trade. For more than three decades we’ve developed the industry know-how and trade organization relationships that are critical to proper insurance policy design. We understand the subtle nuances of construction insurance and how each detail affects the way you, as a contractor, do business. We’re happy to put that knowledge to work for your advantage, and to build your insurance program right the first time.

Contractors & Subcontractors Insurance Program Team

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Our Contractor Program Promise:

  • A properly designed subcontractor insurance program that complies with your contract
  • A price for your subcontractors that is more than fair, helping everyone’s bottom line
  • Access to online resources and safety programs that can push costs down even further
  • Instant access to your policies via the free Mason & Mason mobile app
  • Same-day (often within the hour) certificate issuance during business hours by our service team
  • The ability to self-issue certificates of insurance during off-hours including weekends and holidays via our client portal
  • Unparalleled claims support for everyone on your job that we insure

Why Mason & Mason for your Contractors Insurance Program?

  • Sponsoring agent for the Home Builders & Remodelers Association’s property and liability insurance program with Acadia Insurance
  • Member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
  • More than three decades of industry focus and award-winning industry leadership
  • Deep relationships with second and third generation companies in the building industry and construction-related trades
  • Members of our team including Tom Messier, have served as officers of the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (BRAGB), the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the Home Builders & Remodelers Associations of Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Thorough understanding of the complexities of Workers Compensation and Liability
  • An established reputation and tenure with our companies that allows us to negotiate on your behalf for a comprehensive program at the right price point for you
  • A culture of continuing education that ensures up-to-date knowledge of industry-focused programs
  • Constant review of our suite of construction industry carriers and partners
  • Multi-level service team dedicated to our clients in the construction industry
  • Live person and single point of contact ready to answer your call – no call centers

Contractor & Subcontractor Insurance Offerings

General Liability Insurance


Tools & Equipment Coverage


Workers' Compensation


Business Automobiles & Fleets


Builders' Risk


Excess / Umbrella Liability


“They have always been there for us in years past, and we are very confident they will be there for us whenever we need to call on them in the years to come.”

Joe Scanzillo, Scanzillo Corporation

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Watch Your Step! Don’t Slip & ...

Slips and falls are one of the most frequent causes of accidents, both on and off the job. Each year in the United States, more than 300,000 people suffer disabling injuries from falls. Slips and falls can be fatal as well; they rank second only to automobile accidents, causing nearly 12,000 deaths a year. To avoid getting hurt from falls, avoid rushing and remember the following:

Watch Where You Walk

Be aware of where you are walking. Look down continuously for spilled liquids, materials, equipment, changing surface levels, etc. Make sure the area is well-lit or use a flashlight if lighting is poor.

Wear Proper Footwear

Make sure your shoes are in good shape and correct for the job. Discard worn-out shoes with smooth soles and other defects. If conditions are wet and slippery, wear non-slip shoes or boots. Avoid footwear with leather soles which have poor floor traction–especially on smooth surfaces.

Check Floor Openings

Avoid unguarded floor openings. On construction sites, when covers are placed over floor openings, avoid walking on the cover unless it is absolutely secure and will not move or collapse. Never jump over pits or other openings.

Be Careful On Stairs

Do not run when going up or down stairs. Check to see that stair treads are in good shape, with no obstructions on the steps. Always use the hand railings that are provided. Avoid carrying large loads when going up or down stairs and ensure that stairs are well-lit.

Use Ladders Correctly

Never use broken or defective ladders. Set the angle of the ladder at the proper four-to-one ratio (height to width angle). Make sure the ladder is on solid footing and will not move when you climb upon it. Whenever possible, tie your ladder to the structure to improve stability. Anchorage at the bottom is also a good idea. Never stand on the top two steps of a step ladder.

Make Sure Scaffolding Is Safe To Use

When working on scaffolding, make sure it is secure, stable and properly set-up. Do not work on scaffolding if guard rails are missing or the base is unstable. Check to see that planks are in good shape and not cracked. Tall scaffolds should be tied into a structure to increase stability.

Don’t Jump Out Of Vehicles

Never jump from equipment or vehicles. Use the handrail and steps provided, remembering the “three point rule.” Avoid stepping onto loose rocks, slippery surfaces, oil spills, etc.